What I learned in 2015 #7 Turn up regularly

turn up regularly

Turn up regularly

This is the commitment for 2016.

Whether it’s pressing the flesh at networking events or updates through my blog and social media channels, I’m planning on more regular communication in 2016.

If you scan through my blog archive for 2015 you’ll see its pretty hit and miss. The same applies for my 2015 social media feeds; very much in the hippopotamus style of long periods of inactivity followed by sporadic bursts of energy.

This is a huge miss for online.

The key to online success is creating powerful content, pushing this out and creating engagement with your audience AND doing it consistently.

The majority of success in digital is organisation and planning. Playing with the cool digital tools is the thin end of the wedge. Sitting down and planning out your content and how you are going to

Here is how I plan on ensuring I stay regular

  1. Plan a ‘Content Cycle’ – For example, there are 13 x 4 week periods in every year. The first four week period is dedicated to posting about ‘What I learned in 2015’. The next four weeks will be a different topic.
  2. Pick a topic you have a deep understanding about and create a piece of core content. In this case I created a eBook.
  3. Dissect your core content into more snackable content pieces of content. I’ve broken the eBook down into seven individual posts.
  4. Something that will really help you turn up regularly is if you consider ways to re-purpose the content across other platforms and media, such as…
    • Presentation slide deck – create a PowerPoint presentation outlining the main points and post to SlideShare/LinkedIn
    • LiveStream presentation – you can use either Google Hangouts or Blab to present your topic. Google Hangouts on Air allow you screen share so you could present your PowerPoint slides
    • Podcast – Blab will send you an email with the audio of your livestream allowing you then to create a podcast. You can upload the audio and add it to podcast directories like iTunes.
    • Video – Blab also sends you the video in an email while Google Hangouts on Air automatically saves it to you YouTube channel.
  5. Once the content is finished, as much as possible schedule your posts on your blog and social channels
  6. Amplify and Share your content. Spread out your social posts. For example, hit you main channels soon after your content is posted to your website. Then share your content across your secondary channels after some time has elapsed.
  7. Use #ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) posts and the re-purposed content as the second wave of amplifying and sharing.

Of course, you can post other things in between this schedule or overlap topics if you’re particularly productive or feel they may complement each other.

You can also spend a four week period revisiting previous content.

The important thing is that you turn up regularly!


Building an audience takes time. The process is helped if you are tuned into what they want and deliver it regularly. Little and often will always trump ‘dump and disappear’. Turn up regularly!

Of all the lessons I learned in 2015, this is one accompanied by powerful content are the two that I’ll be focusing a lot of effort on.

If you’re a new business owner and want to discuss any of the above OR if you’re a company looking to find their way through digital… give me a shout.

If you need a content plan why not try the process above. Let me know how you get on?

All my contact details are HERE.

Thanks for reading.