25th August 2014

About Gus Ryan

about gus ryan


My Digital Marketing Journey


About me, Gus Ryan… Here’s the slimmed down story of how I got to where I am.


School Stuff


  • My academic career peaked in 1989 with an A in honours English in the inter cert (now Junior Cert).
  • Probably better known from the secondary school days as an out half of the junior and senior cup rugby teams. Scored a few drop goals in cup games.
  • Achievements at UCD include taking 4 years to do a 3 year degree, squash, indoor football and drinking the most pints ever in one sitting… #TrueStory
  • I left the education system in 1995 with average qualifications and not a clue of what career I wanted to pursue.


Work Stuff


  • After some factory and retail jobs I started in an insurance company in 1996. I spent almost 18 years there figuring out what I wanted to be when I grow up.
  • 15 years were spent as a Business Development Manager for the Fund Management Company.
  • The main part of my role was telling complex investment stories in a way that people who weren’t complex investors could understand. I loved this part of the job.
  • This involved doing laps of Ireland in my car to turn up in rooms of people from 5 to 500 to give presentations. Driving gives me sciatica. So, as part of our web development strategy (remember this is 2008) we decided to do online videos.
  • This started a series of events led me to where I am today…


Enter Emma Ledden.


The former MTV VJ, BBC presenter and author of The Presentation Book trained a bunch of us in how to script and deliver a 3-4 minute ‘piece to camera’.



Mind blown.


  • During the debrief Emma told me I was good enough to be on TV… there’s an idea…
  • Around this time I had been looking for a change. I’d applied for more senior roles in Aviva but didn’t get any.
  • I realised sitting in a final round interview that I actually had no interest in being a head of sales or similar. I had no interest in climbing the corporate ladder.
  • So I started climbing something else, a personal goal, to reach the top of the presenting game… TV.

I gave Emma a ring and she laid it out.

  1. Pick a niche
  2. create content
  3. and get connected/known.


The Start of the Media career


2 options, create my own media outlet or try and get an existing outlet to carry my content. Coincidentally a few other lads I knew started their own outlets. I figured I’d missed the boat so I wrote a few articles and peddled them around some of the larger media outlets in Ireland.

I figured writing was going to be the path of least resistance. It was now 2010 and video wasn’t as easy an option then as it is now.

JOE.ie and Fighters Only were the first victories.


I attended my first Irish MMA event in November 2010.

My goal became a reality a few more months later I commentated at Battlezone Fighting Championships 4. https://youtu.be/XIO3GZK7ufc

I wrote for JOE.ie for over 2 years but never earned a cent. They’d promised pay as soon as it was commercially possible. It got to the point where I stopped believing them so I stopped writing for them.

To be continued…


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