#AudioAllDay – My 4 Favourite Podcasts



I was never one for the radio.

Growing up, it never had my music on. As a devout AC/DC and Led Zeppelin fan in the 1980’s Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet just didn’t cut it for me.

To get over the lack of quality tunes on the airwaves I used to have a cassette player plastered to my ear at every opportunity. As batteries were classed as a luxury item in our house the cassette player had to be plugged in, which limited when and where you could listen.

To this day, even though my taste in music is a little broader I still don’t really listen to the radio. At least the cassette recorder has been replaced by CD’s in the car or an iPod or smartphone for pretty much everywhere else.

About 3 years ago my audio habits changed forever when I discovered the podcast.

Now, in addition to music I listen to pretty much anything I want… comedy, sport, educational stuff… on demand, mobile and its always exactly what I want to hear.

I basically listen to podcasts everyday and sometimes for hours.

A previous blog post Podcast – Marketing at the Speed of Sound gives you lots of benefits and reasons as to why you should start your own podcast today. You can read it HERE.

To give you a glimpse of my day in audio here are some of my favourite podcasts

In no particular order…

1 WORK | ProBlogger Podcast

iTunes Category – Business

problogger_podcastDarren Rowse has built a very successful business from blogging. His original blog Digital Photography School was so successful he launched the ProBlogger website to provide help for wannabe bloggers looking to turn a profit. He also runs TwiTip, which as the name suggests is devoted to sharing Twitter tips.

Darren is a profilic podcaster and you can expect two a week from the ProBlogger Podcast of varying length.

The fact that he has been there and don it makes his podcast if compelling listening. He delivers practical content in a very easy listening way.


2 – RELAX | Monday Morning Podcast by Bill Burr (NSFW)

iTunes Category – Comedy

MMP The first time I listened to Bill Burr’s MMP I was falling asleep so it just sounded like a rant from an perma-angry dude. Shortly after this I watched one of his comedy specials and I was hooked. He is theeee funniest comedian around at the moment, for me anyway.

His MMP is hilarious. Whether its his screams in a hammed up Boston accent or his fumbling through the advertising reads or his irreverant rants about society, which are 90% comedy and (at least) 10% truth its my go-to-podcast for the week to get me in a good mood.


3 PLAY | The Co-Main Event Podcast

iTunes Category – Sports & Hobbies

CMEI’m a huge MMA fan and cover the sport for a number of Irish media outlets.

Hosted by the Bleacher Report’s Chad Dundas and MMA Junkie’s Ben Fowlkes this is my favourite MMA podcast. Its a healthy dose of analysis sprinkled liberally with comedic view points.

The show is structured with ‘Listener Mail’ first, then three rounds discussing a single topic or theme in each round. In between rounds they have segments called ‘Just sayin…’ and ‘Are You F**k**g Kidding Me’ where they point out if someone from the MMA world has drawn some unwanted attention for being a bit of a douche.

Information and humour… what’s not to like.


4 LEARN | 99% Invisible

iTunes Category – Arts

99invisibleWhen I started working with the guys in OPEN Design & Digital it became obvious I knew nothing about the concept of design. Honestly, I still don’t but listening to 99% Invisible has made me a little smarter… I think.

99% Invisible is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world. It has covered topics like the shot clock in basketball, the ghost armies of World War II and the Gruen Effect of retail space design to encourage impulse buying.

Episodes are generally less than 30 minutes but you’ll come away enlightened like you’ve sat through a lecture series.


What am I missing?

I’m always on the look out for a new podcast to listen to so I’d appreciate any recommendations. Please pop the name of the podcast in the comment box below.

Thanks for reading!