Building Your Brand Online

building your brand online


Building Your Brand Online


Making Connections


Sometime in March this year (2017) a received a LinkedIn connection request from Mark Kelly.

He followed best practise by having a personal message included in the request; straightaway I thought this was going to be interesting.

If someone takes the time to write a personal message rather than using the standard text in a LinkedIn connection request, I’m replying; every time, all the time.

I went back and forth with Mark and the subject of podcasting came up. He had noticed from my profile that I had dabbled. He said he was new to the venture so we decided to meet for coffee to trade stories.

After a few coffee and lunch meetings messing around with Audacity, Mark mentioned he had created the Technology Leaders Meet-Up and asked would I be interested in speaking.


Talking the Talk


In a former life I would have toured the country (Ireland) giving presentations to audiences of all sizes.

More recently, I have been active in the sport media world covering Mixed Martial Arts on TV, radio and podcasts.

One of my favourite things to do is to create a story and then share it with an audience. It made sense to give a talk at the Meet-Up.

We kicked around a few topics but finally settled on ‘Building Your Brand Online’.

This was of particular interest to me as its mainly what I do in 4th Level Digital Media. I help companies claim their corner of the interest and make sure they put it to best use.

The talk also gave me the opportunity to share my story of how I built my Brand in the sports media world.



In the late 2000’s I had lost some enthusiasm for my business development role. I loved the presenting part of the job but had no desire to climb the corporate ladder. So, I decided set a personal goal to try and get to the top of the presenting ladder, which I figured would be presenting a TV show.

After achieving this goal I realised what I had done could be turned into a repeatable process. Not only that, but it could be used to build your brand online regardles if it is business or personal.

It’s important to remember that your online presence is available 24/7/365. It may be the first time someone encounters you or your brand. If you are building your brand online, put in the effort and do it right, it’ll be worth it.


Building Your Brand Online


The key points he covered in the 25 minutes were

  1. Learning from success stories –building brand awareness, corporate and personal.
  2. Built to Last –  In order to build a meaningful presence online you need to get the get your digital infrastructure right. Once this is built you’ll be easier to find.
  3. Creating Your Online Funnel –  whether you’re selling a product/service, building an email list or sharing your knowledge with an audience, you need to create a process to get the right messages to the right people.
  4. The importance of a Good Story – Building a meaningful presence online is not all about the tech; it’s about the story too. Your content needs to offer solutions for pain points in peoples’ lives. Make your customers or prospects the hero of your story.

The full slide deck is below.


What did you think?


Are you building your brand online? Did any of this make sense or even help?

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