Built to last – Getting you Digital Infrastructure right first time

Built to last – Getting you Digital Infrastructure right first time



digital infrastructure
digital infrastructure

In the online world absence does not make the heart grow fonder… It means you’ll be forgotten.

I realise its been waaaay too long between posts. However, I have been busy in the background. There are some developments afoot with 4th Level Digital Media and are collabrators OPEN, which will guarantee you’ll be hearing more from us in the future.

Ironically, this post is about how to set yourself up to give you the best shot at delivering content consistently to reach your audience.

Your Digital Infrastructure

All roads should lead to and from your website. It is the perfect launch pad for your content and it is the most flexible and manageable landing place for potential clients.

I recently had an article published in PIBA’s The Broker magazine discussing this topic. You can download the article HERE ⇒ Offline Business Online PIBA Mar15

As a teaser here are the four essential steps for creating a solid digital infrastructure.

  1. Your Website – is the hub of your digital infrastructure. All your content and activity should flow from your website with the express purpose of bringing people back to look around your website for more information and to get in touch with you directly.
  2. Design and Speed – a clunky, badly laid out website that takes an age for the pages to load up is the equivalent of an unkempt sales man in a cheap suit that doesn’t answer your questions. Your website might be a potential customer’s first encounter with your business: don’t miss an opportunity to make a good first impression.
  3. Content and SEO – your website should help customers find a solution to their problem with information about the product/service they are searching for. This is done by posting engaging content on the subject matter. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a way of using keywords to make it easier to be found when someone googles for help.
  4. Amplification – is when you use tools like social media to share your content around to try and draw people back to your website. You could also use paid adverts on social media or search engines like Google Adwords. It’s important that your website has ‘Calls to Action’: forms or ways the customer can contact you once they’ve returned to your website.

Many people fall into the trap of thinking all you need for your digital infrastructure is your social presence. As you can see, there’s a little bit more to it than that.

If you’ve any questions on digital or would like to dicuss creating an effective digital infrastructure for your business, please give us a call. All our contact details are HERE.

If you’d like to learn more check out our ‘Taking Your Business Digital’ series on YouTube HERE.