Can Twitter help your business?

can twitter help your business

Can Twitter help your business?

The digital experience in Ireland has been two speed so far.

In one lane you have a digital savvy consumer that is engaging and spending online. In the other lane you have businesses who have been slow to adopt or understand the benefit of a digital presence.

Over on this page I discuss how you should set up your digital infrastructure to make the most of your online presence. Your website is your core and everything you do online should emanate from there.

Social media can play a strong role in your digital infrastructure. But that’s only after you have established a solid website as your base. Social is great for amplifying your messages.


Business lags consumer online

The use of social media by businesses has also been a two speed experience – its either done very well or not at all.

Like other social channels, Twitter can be a really valuable weapon in your digital arsenal.

Though its monthly user numbers are only approximately a fifth (circa 300 million) versus Facebook (circa 1.5 billion) its user activity has increased by a multiple over the last number of years. On average, every minute approximately 400,000 tweets are posted to feeds around the world.

Twitter is a fast paced, succinct way of publishing and consuming news, updates and creating conversations. Of all the channels Twitter owns ‘the now’ in social media. The phenomenon of ‘live tweeting’ events gives a tremendous opportunity to engage in the moment.


Small Business Customer Insights

Twitter released a white paper outlining the benefits to using their channel for businesses. The main points of the paper are…

  1. Your potential customers are on Twitter, why not join them
  2. Customers are looking for Small/Medium Businesses on Twitter
  3. When potential customers find your business, they take actions that benefit your business
  4. Followers stick around and are genuinely interested in your business
  5. Your followers are more likely to take action from Tweets than traditional channels
  6. Potential customers want to engage with Small/Medium Businesses
  7. Twitter Ads amplify your efforts


You have nothing to fear…

One of the biggest fears businesses have about social media is how to handle ‘the haters’.

In reality, negative posts and conversations will tend to be a minor occurrence… unless you deserve them. Generally, people use social media to share positive stories. This is backed up by Twitter’s findings.


twitter stats for biz


Further Reading

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Can Twitter Help Your Business

So, can Twitter help your business, I’ve summarised the main points from Twitter’s white paper in this SlideShare presentation.

Why not have a read of it HERE and let me know what you think.

In future posts I will talk about optimizing your profile and how to get the most out of your tweets.





  1. Social media plays an important role in your online presence. You can use it to both amplify your messages and connect with potential customers.
  2. Research shows that potential customers that follow a business on Twitter will become engaged and motivated to purchase.
  3. Twitter’s fast paced feed and ‘live tweeting’ phenomenon means it very much owns ‘the now’ in social media engage in the moment.
  4. If you’d like to see how Twitter can play a role for your business. Please get in touch today for a consultation. It’s easy, just fill out the form below or you can find my contact details HERE.