#SMSummitIRL Day One Recap – Part 1

  Whether it’s the success of the Web Summit, the need to catch up to the digital savvy Irish consumer or the slight improvement in the economy there has been an increase in the number of conferences dedicated to all things digital for businesses. Enter #SMSummitIRL Today was Day One of the Social Media Summit Read more about #SMSummitIRL Day One Recap – Part 1[…]


#AudioAllDay – My 4 Favourite Podcasts

#AudioAllDay I was never one for the radio. Growing up, it never had my music on. As a devout AC/DC and Led Zeppelin fan in the 1980’s Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet just didn’t cut it for me. To get over the lack of quality tunes on the airwaves I used to have a cassette Read more about #AudioAllDay – My 4 Favourite Podcasts[…]

produce powerful content

SEO Best Practise: Produce Powerful Content

SEO Best Practise – Produce Powerful Content So, you got your new company website and it looks amazing. Its beautifully designed, its fast, the images are really eye-catching, it has all your contact details and social media channels at the end of a click. You’re thinking ‘it’d be harder not to find me with all Read more about SEO Best Practise: Produce Powerful Content[…]

can twitter help your business

Can Twitter help your business?

Can Twitter help your business? The digital experience in Ireland has been two speed so far. In one lane you have a digital savvy consumer that is engaging and spending online. In the other lane you have businesses who have been slow to adopt or understand the benefit of a digital presence. Over on this Read more about Can Twitter help your business?[…]

My #Cong15 Blog Post on New Media

  2015 was the fourth year the CongRegation un-conference was held in Cong, County Mayo. Created by Eoin Kennedy, Congregation is a one day ‘un-conference’ style digital media and technology festival. This year the event spanned three days with a mix of business and social gatherings across a number of different locations and venues. Tickets for the event Read more about My #Cong15 Blog Post on New Media[…]

seo or social

SEO or Social? You need to do them both

  I recently started posting on the social media platform Quora. One question that keeps coming up is ‘which is more important for your website, SEO or Social Media?’ The only answer I can give is you need do both… And, ideally at the same time… Along with a few other things.   SEO or Read more about SEO or Social? You need to do them both[…]

Podcast – Marketing at the Speed of Sound

Podcast – What can they do for you? Imagine you could create a radio type show dedicated to a topic you were passionate about and push it out through the airwaves so it could be heard around the world. Well, you can. Regardless of your budget a podcast is within your reach. Whether it’s a Read more about Podcast – Marketing at the Speed of Sound[…]

online advertising

Online Advertising – 3 examples of fantastic video ads

Traditional vs Online Advertising… Its all just Advertising now Long before online advertising was conceived, when TV was the most powerful medium, people joked that the ads were sometimes the best thing on. Although the internet has blown the advertising landscape wide open there is still huge demand for ad time on TV. When you consider a 30 Read more about Online Advertising – 3 examples of fantastic video ads[…]

What I learned in 2015 #7 Turn up regularly

Turn up regularly This is the commitment for 2016. Whether it’s pressing the flesh at networking events or updates through my blog and social media channels, I’m planning on more regular communication in 2016. If you scan through my blog archive for 2015 you’ll see its pretty hit and miss. The same applies for my Read more about What I learned in 2015 #7 Turn up regularly[…]

no more freebies

What I learned in 2015 #6 No more freebies

Prologue This is a series of blog posts. None of them are particularly earth shattering. However, if someone had sat me down a year ago and gone through them with me I’d be in a different place today. This sixth post is about when commercial reality kicked in and I had to say no more freebies. I started Read more about What I learned in 2015 #6 No more freebies[…]