Going Global Overnight

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The Olde Days

30 years ago advertising on a global scale was only available to a select few –  those lucky enough to be able to afford it. The ad game was a double edged sword. The belief was you had to advertise to be successful. But you had to be really successful in order to pay for your ads to be seen far and wide, otherwise you were burning cash before you turned a profit. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and billboards were the corner stone of a gold star marketing campaign. And a pipe dream for all but the wealthiest companies around.

Enter the internet and all of a sudden the playing field is leveled. Well, maybe not entirely and certainly not in the early days of the web; but today absolutely anyone can have a presence on the internet. Its not confined to the big companies anymore. People can take a corner of the web to highlight their product, service or even their own personal brand.

Here are three good reasons for taking over a corner of the web today

1)  The Virtual Land Grab

The best news about advertising or marketing on the web is you can do plenty of things without blowing your marketing budget. In fact, the number of digital tools available for free is breath taking. You can get some pretty serious reach before you’d need to spend any money. A real simple start would create a website or blog. Then link a social platform to your website or blog to push out your content. Congratulations, you have just started Inbound Marketing. Inbound marketing describes activities that bring the customer to your space on the web. Once you’ve gotten their attention, you try and keep it by producing more interesting content.

flag cube small2) Be Brave, Go forth and Conquer.

The other best thing, if that’s possible, is the reach is limitless and can often take you to unexpected places. For example, I currently host and produce a podcast about Mixed Martial Arts for Setanta Sports. We’ve been running just over a year and have recently broken 32,000 listens for 63 episodes. We originally thought our audience would be predominantly from Ireland, which after 4 months was 80% of our listens. Today, we’re more conscious of our overseas listeners as Ireland now accounts for less than 50% of our audience, with the US having grown to approximately 35%. We didn’t set out to have such a wide reach but we’re delighted that the podcast has gone global.

3) You are Solution Marketing

In the excellent book “From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearly Harbour” Jerry Della Femina describes how advertisers in the old days were trying to solve a problem for companies – “What you’re trying to do is crystalize the problem. Once you arrive at the problem, then your job is almost over because solving the problem is nothing. The headache is finding out what the problem is.” Today, you don’t have that issue. The modern customer has been empowered by the web. Your job is not to try and work out what the problem is… Its to be there when the customer works out the solution he needs. On the ‘Why Digital Marketing?’ page we saw that shoppers today consult approximately 10 different sources of information before purchasing. You need to be one of those 10 by doing your best to get found when the customer searches. To be found you need a presence on the the web.

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