The Ultimate List of Social Media Tools

list of social media tools


The Ultimate List of Social Media Tools


The internet is rife with social media tools lists. Quite often these listicles feature the same tools.

No doubt you’ve probably tried all or most of them. But, sometimes those tools don’t sit right with you. There’s just one feature too few or too many. You need an alternative.

Imagine if there was one list with all the available tools for your every social media need.

I know what you’re thinking… that list would be a nightmare to trawl. For example there are well over 500 tools for Twitter alone.


What if I told you there was a list of social media tool numbering 600, tagged by social network and whether it is free or paid or both. AND, not just that you can search this list for keywords like ‘images’, scheduling’, ‘content curation’.


Well, thanks to Chris Makara over at that list is now a reality.

In this pretty incredible list of social media tools, Chris added some user friendly features such as:

  • See which tools work on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Twitter
  • Use the search filter to identify specific needs a tool serves, specific social media channels it will work, or the particular name of a tool you are interested in learning more about
  • Upvote or downvote your favorite or least favorite social tools
  • Sort the table alphabetically by name, whether or not it is free or paid (or both), or which tools have to most or least upvotes

In addition to applications that interface directly with your social media accounts Chris also includes services that might serve a primary purpose for something else, but can be used to help your social media activities in some way.

For example, Google Analytics. It is not intended to be a social media tool per se but you can definitely use it to inform your social media initiatives. Canva is another great example. It’s a multi-purpose design platform but has specific templates for the major social media channels.

You can survive without using social media tools. However, if you are using the social media to promote your personal brand or business; the more followers you get the busier your channel becomes. This multiplies if you have more than one channel, and lets face it… most of us do.

By using tools you can get alerted to engagement, monitor the progress of your posts, schedule posts and measure results allowing you identify what worked or didn’t work.

Given the proliferation of mobile devices and wifi coverage, much of a persons time online is spent in social media. Facebook alone has 1.9 million monthly active users. In addition to its size, Facebook users are highly engaged with 70% of Facebookers checking their account daily.


“Bottom-line is that no matter what your business has to offer, chances are that you can find your audience among the various social media networks.”

 – Chris Makara


Unfortunately, there is not a single software or tool that can tackle all your needs on each social media channel. The good news is that with this list of social media tools having the ability to be filtered, you can easily narrow down the results.

You can check out the origial list of social media tools by clicking on the image below. While you’re over at, why not sign up for their Buffer integration beta. Its easy-to-use CSV upload capability allows you to instantly populate your Buffer account and use the automatic repost function to schedule posts. Never have an empty queue again.


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