That's me on day 6 of 8 treking Mount Kilimanjaro in 2008. We camped at the bottom of the cone, approx 5,000 metres altitude and summited the next day.

What I'm working on...

  • This website... It's a mess at the moment but I'm gonna try and chip away to get it to a place where I'd be happy to share updates. Thinking of...
    • curating deadly digital marketing articles
    • creating a knowledge base about podcasting
    • dipping the toe back into MMA
    • Any suggestions anyone...?
  • I joined the (award winning) agency Wolfgang Digital in  July 2017.
    • I started off in the Social Media Team but...
    • ...After 7 months I moved to the Content Team in January 2018.
    • I've always been drawn to content creation and it was kinda lucky (lots of drink at the Christmas Party #TrueStory)  how the whole thing came about.
  • 4th Level Digital Media, my little digital media agency and this website, is no longer. So this corner of the internet will become more of a blog than a business development tool.
  • Expect lots of changes, and please let me know what you think.
  • Goals for 2018 - Participate more, everywhere. Get back in the podcast game...

What I'm listenign to...

I looove podcasts. Current favourites are...

  • Breach by the good folks at Spoke Media. The presenting partnership of Alia Tavakolian and Bob Sullivan are brilliant and the details behind the Yahoo hacks are incredible.
  • Fitzdog Radio - Greg Fitzsimmons reminds me of the smart arse ye knew in school that talked unbelievable amounts of shit but always cracked you up. The episodes come out sporadically but they're worth the wait.
  • Bill Burr is probably my favourite comedian and if you're looking for a slice of irreverant check out the Monday Morning Podcast and the TMJBFMMP
  • The Joe Rogan Experience... most of the time. It was the first podcast I ever listened. He is a phenomenal interviewer but I like his chats with comedians and MMA peeps. Not so much the hunting, politics and astro physics type stuff.
  • I've listened to The Message and LifeAfter by the GE Podcast network recently. Excellent... I don't usually go for fiction.
  • And shameless plug for the Art of the Pitch, which I did for Wolfgang Digital client, Virgin Media Business Ireland. Loads of firsts involved with this project.

Honourable mentions to the TED Radio Hour, ESPN 30 for 30 podcasts, 99% Invisible and Conpiracy Theories.

What I'm reading...

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari


I first came across Sapiens as a TED Talk

I thought it was a fascinating breakdown of how our humanness is our unfair advantage.

I referenced the TED talk in a few presentations I have given on personal branding and building an online presence

I've met so many people that have read it, I bit the bullet this year and bought it.

So far, so good.

Really easy to read.

Here's some of my favourite stuff from around the internet