gus ryan digital marketing

That's me presenting at Wolfgang Digital Essentials 2019.

My talk was about why biology is more important than technology for content.

What I'm working on...

  • This website... It's a mess at the moment but I'm gonna try and chip away to get it to a place where I'd be happy to share updates. Thinking of...
    • curating deadly digital marketing articles
    • creating a knowledge base about podcasting
    • dipping the toe back into MMA
    • review the books I've read
  • 4th Level Digital Media, my little digital media agency, is no longer. So this corner of the internet will become more of a personal blog than a business development tool.
gus ryan learn inbound

What I'm listenign to...

I looove podcasts. Current favourites are...

  • Breach by the good folks at Spoke Media. The presenting partnership of Alia Tavakolian and Bob Sullivan are brilliant and the details behind the Yahoo hacks are incredible.
  • Fitzdog Radio - Greg Fitzsimmons reminds me of the smart arse ye knew in school that talked unbelievable amounts of shite but always cracked you up.
  • Bill Burr is my favourite comedian, for a slice of the irreverent check out the Monday Morning Podcast
  • And shameless plug for the Art of the Pitch, which I did for Wolfgang Digital client, Virgin Media Business Ireland.

Honourable mentions to the TED Radio Hour, ESPN 30 for 30 podcasts, and 99% Invisible.

What I'm reading...

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari


I first came across Sapiens as a TED Talk

I thought it was a fascinating breakdown of how our humanness is our unfair advantage.

I referenced the TED talk in a few presentations I have given on personal branding and building an online presence

I've met so many people that have read it, I bit the bullet this year and bought it.

So far, so good.

Really easy to read.

Here's some of my favourite stuff from around the internet