My #Cong15 Blog Post on New Media

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2015 was the fourth year the CongRegation un-conference was held in Cong, County Mayo.

Created by Eoin Kennedy, Congregation is a one day ‘un-conference’ style digital media and technology festival. This year the event spanned three days with a mix of business and social gatherings across a number of different locations and venues.

Tickets for the event aren’t purchased, rather earned. You have to ‘Blog Your Way In’. You must submit a blog post that meets certain criteria on a particular topic and if successful, you’re in.

The festival is centres around the Saturday un-conference, which are a series of huddles where you get to discuss the various blog posts.

This  year saw over 100 experts from all over Ireland and beyond attend.

You can find all the blog posts HERE.

My post this year was called…

‘New Media – Pointless putting lipstick on a pig’

Coming up with the title was easy. Convincing myself to keep it was the hard part. In the absence of anything better I stuck with it, but felt I had to explain where I got it from straight off the bat.

I’d better explain…

I’ve no idea where I heard it first but it fast became one of my favourite phrases. I have frequently used it to describe an exercise in futility – ‘Ye did what? Sure, may as well be putting lipstick on a pig!’

A little research (and by ‘research’ I mean I looked it up in Wikipedia) tells me there have been many variations but the meaning is always the same – there is no point in dressing up something weak to try and make it look good.

There have been an increasing amount of digital innovations over the last few years, or even months, that have made it easier to push out content in multimedia formats. The danger is we concentrate on the medium and not the message.

The post goes on to discuss the Benefits of New Media like

  1. There are few if any barriers to entry
  2. The output is easier to consume
  3. They can be very cost effective
  4. Allows you demonstrate your innovative and creative side through your content

I also discuss the fact that companies (particularly in Ireland) are way behind the consumer for digital adoption.

One of the biggest benefits to New Media is the ability to sweat your content. Another questionable description but I do explain this one as well.

When you sit down to create your content you should have more in mind than banging out 600 words of text. You should also be considering the keywords for Search Engine Optimisation and what is the best format to produce the content in. For a little extra effort you may find that an eBook, a video or a webinar might go a whole lot further than just a text blog post.

You should consider creating a piece of anchor content that can be then re-purposed into other formats.

For example, instead of pumping out 600 words on a single topic, create an eBook covering a series of points,,,

  1. you could then use it to record a Blab (a live streaming video platform) hitting the main points.
  2. This will give you a video to upload to YouTube and share.
  3. Blab also provides an audio only version for download meaning you can create a podcast for directories like iTunes.
  4. You could also serialise the chapters of your eBook on your website blog.
  5. You could post to social medium sites that cater for  long form posts like Medium, Quora or LinkedIn.
  6. Not to mention all the social media posts highlighting all the re-purposed content.

So, your one piece of content (eBook) can be re-purposed into a multitude of other formats.

The bottom line is, it should be all about the message not the medium.

I’d highly recommend reading Alan O’Rourke’s fantastic #Cong15 post called A One Month Micro Marketing Plan all about promotion over production.