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Podcast – What can they do for you?

Imagine you could create a radio type show dedicated to a topic you were passionate about and push it out through the airwaves so it could be heard around the world.

Well, you can. Regardless of your budget a podcast is within your reach.

Whether it’s a raw block of speech or a heavily produced piece of audio, if you have something to say, a podcast is the best way to get it heard. It can be a personal project, a creative outlet or an additional piece of inbound content for your business.

The podcast has totally changed how, what and when people listen to audio. iTunes is considered the podcast leader, though statistics are hard to come by…

  • it’s estimated over 70% of podcast listens come via iTunes and/or the Apple podcast app.
  • there are over 250,000 podcasts in iTunes alone that have received over 2 billion downloads and cover a wide variety of topics.
  • About two thirds of all downloads from iTunes occur on a mobile device.

Not convinced you have a message worthy of a podcast? Don’t be so modest. That’s like saying potential buyers wouldn’t listen to your sales pitch. If you have a product or service that people need, a podcast is just another way of reaching or teaching them about it.

Take back the airwaves – 11 reasons why you should start a podcast

Here are  for your brand or business today.

  1. Its your show – You have total creative control. It doesn’t have to get the green light from the studio boss; you are the studio boss. If you do your prep work there is no reason why you couldn’t create an excellent podcast to represent your business.
  2. Cost effective medium – A radio ad on the most popular show in Ireland would cost approximately €2,000 with no meaningful data at the end to prove whether it was a success or failure. A podcast episode can be produced for a fraction of this cost. It will as be available to…
  3. Listen On Demand – Podcasts are very much a medium consumed at the listeners’ pleasure. I personally opt for a podcast over the radio during a commute. Others opt to listen to podcasts while doing other tasks such as while in the gym, on the lunch break or during the morning coffee.
  4. Its a measurable medium – Because your podcast requires clicks you can follow the data trail to find out information about your audience – where they are, how they found you, how many times they listened, did they download.and more
  5. Beyond borders – You may start off with the local audience in mind but there is nothing stopping your podcast being heard around the world.
  6. A nice way to Network – Podcasts often include interviews with industry peers. You could use your podcast as a way to reach out to respected practitioners in your field and interview them on an episode.
  7. Empower your Audience – Podcasts aren’t limited to entertainment. You can share knowledge and provide audio training modules through your podcast. If you really wanted to engage your audience, give them homework and ask them to share their results through your social media channels, a forum or e-mail them to you.
  8. Thought Leadership – If no-one is podcasting on the particular topic you want to cover. Boom, you’ve first to market advantage and can generate some ‘Thought Leadership’ credits in your field.
  9. Expert Level – Rightly or wrongly, we often consider the people we see or hear talking about things in the media as the subject expert. Get yourself heard and you can make the push for Expert Level in your field.
  10. Podcasts don’t die – Unlike a radio ad or a billboard, your podcast episodes won’t cost you extra the longer they hang around. On the contrary, your episodes are content and some episodes might be evergreen content or something that doesn’t date. You may find that listeners return to that episode for reference in addition to it attracting new listeners all the while.
  11. Its good to talk – Everyone has a story to tell; especially if you started your own business. Sales people are natural story tellers too. If its not you, somewhere in your organisation there is a story teller with a depth of knowledge just waiting to get out.

Since I discovered podcasts a few years ago I’ve become an addict. I have subscribed to about thirty podcasts so the new episodes download automatically as soon as they are available.

podcastIn 2013 I started an independent podcast covering Mixed Martial Arts and six month later Setanta Sports appracohed my about rebranding it under their name – The Setanta MMA Show began.

I ran this show for almost two years but had to step away when I started my own business. The show had some modest success and charted well in the iTunes charts, rarely dropping outside the top 200.

It also led to doing some bigger TV projects with Setanta Sports. So far the highlight has been an indepth interview with Conor McGregor.

I recently began another MMA podcast for 98FM and really want to start a digital podcast soon!


Podcasts are a great example of a digital medium that is fast becoming part of daily life. If you consider that radio stations now use podcasts to re-purpose their broadcast content, its definitely more than a passing trend.

If you’re curious about podcasts and wonder how this might be useful for your business please get in contact with us HERE if you’d like to talk about starting a podcast yourself