#SMSummitIRL Day One Recap – Part 1



Whether it’s the success of the Web Summit, the need to catch up to the digital savvy Irish consumer or the slight improvement in the economy there has been an increase in the number of conferences dedicated to all things digital for businesses. Enter #SMSummitIRL

Today was Day One of the Social Media Summit in the Aviva Stadium. Though there were a few small hitches you might associate with a new venture; overall the quality of speaker made the day extremely enjoyable and worth while.

The first day was dedicated to workshops. Each speaker shared some best practise relating to their channel of expertise. You had the ability to choose between sessions. For example, I opted to attend a Snapchat session, a channel I’m only getting to grips with while a Twitter (my preferred social channel)  session was on in the other room.

With the benefit of hindsight I could have chosen a little better as a few sessions I attended overlapped in subject. Having said that I got something from every presentation I attended.

Here are some of the best bits from each workshop.

LinkedIn | Melonie Dodaro


#SMSummitIRL The day started strong with the LinkedIn session. While Melanie reminded us there was a lot of common sense to getting your profile right, she broke down the steps to success in a really simple but effective way – Get Found, Attract Ideal Clients and Stand-Out.

Some of the key points I noted were

  • LinkedIn profiles are always managed by the person themselves. Other social channels may be handed over to Marketing teams, LinkedIn rarely is meaning you can connect directly with the person.
  • People often obsess about the keywords in your Title and Summary sections. You can also drop your keywords into your Current Work Experience, Past Work Experience and Skills section, all of which helps you in searches.
  • You should write your Summary section in the first person as if you are talking to one person

Your LinkedIn profile is something that should be constantly reviewed and refreshed. The fact that you can add rich media, such as articles, images and video needs you can constantly update your profile with relevant content. LinkedIn Pulse also gives you another outlet to re-purpose content from your website.


Snapchat | Brian Fanzo and Victoria Taylor


ThiIMG_8725s session was a step outside my comfort zone. Having only recently downloaded the app I still need to put a lot of work into understanding the full potential of this social channel.

If anything this session proved how creative brands can be with Snapchat.

While there are limitations to all social channels, Victoria and Brian both agreed that limitation has inspired creativity in some of the best Snapchatters.

Though all posts are temporary and disappear after 24 hours, you can download a Story of video or images.

The engagement levels within Snapchat can be quite high. This could be down to the fact that you need to know the username of the person you want to connect with or you need to have their code. If you’ve gone to the trouble to source this you must really want to engage with that person or brand.

Having known little or nothing about the channel before this morning, I now know why you see the Snapchat ghost as profile pictures on other social channels. The ghost (and the dots around the ghost) is actually the code for your Snapchat account. Adding this to your camera roll allows you to add the user in Snapchat. The picture above is how I added Victoria!


Social Relationships | Sam Flynn



IMG_8732 This session was great for just reminding everyone the real reasons you should be on social media as a business.

Sam pointed out that often the focus is on the ‘media’ part where companies use their channels to dump content as disappear.

The emphasis should be on the ‘Social’ bit rather than the media.

One of the corporate buzz words or phrase around Social is how you get to have ‘real conversations’ with your customers. In reality this rarely happens; but when it does it can be a powerful connector.

Conversations are two-way, which again, is lost on brands sometimes. Social listening can be every bit as valuable as sharing content and sparking conversations.

The ‘word of the day’ for me was ‘Brandonality’. Often the vibrant traditional efforts are pushed through the traditional channels and then sanitised for Social for fear of offending or getting it wrong and suffering a backlash.

Your company’s personality or Brandonality should be consistent across all marketing channels, digital or otherwise.


Instagram | Felicity McCarthy


IMG_8754Instagram is a channel that has grown in popularity and use since the acquisition by Facebook in 2012 and certainly one that has crept up on my radar.

Though it still only has approximately 400 million monthly users compared to Facebook’s 1.5 billion, its growth in the last four years now puts it on a par with Twitter and LinkedIn.

Felicity shared that Instagram and Pinterest are the channels demonstrating the biggest user growth while Instagram and Facebook are the most active channels daily.

The key demographic for Instagram is 18-29 year old with 55% of its users in this cohort.

Though Instagram has a limited ability to share links back to your website there are a number of ways you can overcome this allowing you still to ‘Drive Outcomes’ through your images.

As Felicity succinctly put it, the aim of marketers has always been to put their message in the middle of where consumers are. The ‘where’ has changed over the years and now certainly includes Instagram.

I’ll be back on later in the week to conclude Day One and recap on Day Two.


Were you there?


If you attended the Social Media Summit (#SMSummitIRL) I’d love to know what you thought. Drop a comment in the box below if you have time.

Thanks for reading.


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