Using Social Media for Small Business

social media for small business


Using Social Media for Small Business


The company budget, or lack there of, can be a huge constraint when you are starting out in business. Even if you’re established a few years and making some profits do you really want to plough it into advertising when you’re not sure if you’ll get a return?


Enter Social Media for Small Business.


If you pick the right channels and compliment them with the right tools, using social media for small business can mean the only cost is some of your time.

In reality, advertising on social media is very cost-effective and a great way to re-target visitors to your website. But you can gain a lot of ground before reaching this point.

The infographic below was created by Peg Fitzpatrick for Post Planner (I picked it up from a Rebekah Radice tweet) and it outlines some really basic but very useful tips for small businesses.

The topics covered include

  1. Reputation building
  2. Building an audience
  3. Connecting with peers and Influencers
  4. Exploring the different social networks (there are so many now)
  5. Being Efficient – Re-purposing and reusing content
  6. Making the most of your time
  7. Driving traffic to your website
  8. Using the right tools


I’ll be honest, I don’t use most of the tools Peg outlines in #8 but that’s not to say they aren’t good tools.

For example, I use Buffer, Feedly, Pocket, Hootsuite and IFTTT among others.

If you’re curious about what I use and how I use them you can check out this blog post on Social Media Automation

Or this one on Social Listening.

Regardless of the tools, I thought the infographic was excellent. If you want to save it just click on the image, it will open in a new tab. You can double-click to enlarge it or right-click to save it off as an image.