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Have you ever pondered a work problem and BOOM… as if by magic and email lands in your inbox with the solution?

Well, it happened to me a week or so ago.

I’m working with a reasonably large company on creating a digital strategy for their traditional business. The first task is to get executive by-in. So, I need to present the business case for adding digital to their marketing mix.

I want to include some high level stats on social media penetration around the world. This information is readily available and would just take time to pull together.

I wondered if there was one website, blog post, inforgraphic, slideshare that would have all the information I needed in one place.

And, as if by magic, Josh Wardini from popped into my inbox with the silver bullet to my social media stats problem.

Josh is Community Manager and Editorial Contributor over at Skilled (as well as an aspiring rock climber and a self described R&D geek). He found me on LinkedIn and reached out with an email.

This post is a little token of gratitude for saving me some time.

The good folks at Skilled collected data from over 30 sources to deliver a comprehensive list of social media stats.

Here are a few of my personal highlights

  • In 2016, almost one third of the world population is on social media – 31% to be exact.
  • The highest usage comes from North and South America, at 59% and 50% of the populations respectively.
  • From 2014 to 2016, the percentage of the world population with internet access grew from 35% to 46%.
  • Facebook is winning the popularity battle right now with 70% of its users coming back every day.
  • Instagram is also doing very well, with over half (59%) of its users returning on a daily basis.
  • Facebook is the winner from a pure sales perspective with 37% of people reporting that this platform influenced their decision to purchase.
  • Twitter came in second at 32%, and (surprisingly, for me anyway) Pinterest was third at 19%.
  • 58% of smartphone users said that they feel compelled to check on their phone at least once every hour.
  • 27% of people reported that YouTube had influenced their purchase, compared to 31% who cited Facebook.
  • YouTube receives about 400 hours of new video uploads for every minute of the day.


That’s enough by way of an intro… Check out the infographic below.


Social Media Stats Infographic



social media stats
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Do you have a favourite social media or digital marketing stat or fact? Drop a comment below.

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