How to spot Bull***t and Ar$ehole$



How to spot Bulls**t and Ar$ehole$

This post and topic are exactly what I had in mind when I created the ‘High and Wide’ tab in my website menu. It was for stuff that I really wanted to write about but that is not related to digital marketing or social media.

If you’re easily offended I’d bail out now…

I came across these two videos over the last few weeks and I thought they were fantastic.

‘Bulls**t’ featuring Harry Frankfurt

This article was suggested to me by the Pocket app… I don’t know what that says about me or Pocket but it was a fascinating read; funny too but accurate mostly.

The Creative World’s Bullshit Industrial Complex describes the layers, which the 99U editor has to dig through to find the people and ideas that are genuinely creative.

The centre piece to the article is this video of philospher and author Harry Frankfurt.

“Bullshit is not a matter of trying to conceal the truth, its a matter of trying to manipulate the listener. If the truth will do then that’s fine. If the truth won’t do well that’s fine also. “

It’s a fantastic breakdown of bulls**t and the bulls**ter.




Kate Lester – Once an ar$ehole, always an ar$ehole

I came across this video on LinkedIn, yep… the professional social network.

I’d never heard of Kate before but I’ve since subscribed to her YouTube channel.

She’s a tonic.

If nothing else this is a tremendous example of how to use swear words and still be taken seriously.



I thought both videos were a pretty good commentary on working life.

Jack Murray spoke along a similar theme at the Social Media Summit. He was describing how people have become obsessed with talking about how ‘busy’ they are. Everyone encounters this in working life, a lot.

When we think of the word ‘busy’ we may also assume being ‘creative’ or ‘productive’ is implied but that’s not necessarily the case.

Do you know someone who talks about their overflowing inbox as they move from meeting to meeting without adding anything meaningful. Clearly they are ‘busy’ but they are more than likely not being ‘creative’ or ‘productive’.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the videos as I did.