#AudioAllDay – My 4 Favourite Podcasts

#AudioAllDay I was never one for the radio. Growing up, it never had my music on. As a devout AC/DC and Led Zeppelin fan in the 1980’s Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet just didn’t cut it for me. To get over the lack of quality tunes on the airwaves I used to have a cassette Read more about #AudioAllDay – My 4 Favourite Podcasts[…]

Podcast – Marketing at the Speed of Sound

Podcast – What can they do for you? Imagine you could create a radio type show dedicated to a topic you were passionate about and push it out through the airwaves so it could be heard around the world. Well, you can. Regardless of your budget a podcast is within your reach. Whether it’s a Read more about Podcast – Marketing at the Speed of Sound[…]