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SEO Best Practise: Produce Powerful Content

SEO Best Practise – Produce Powerful Content So, you got your new company website and it looks amazing. Its beautifully designed, its fast, the images are really eye-catching, it has all your contact details and social media channels at the end of a click. You’re thinking ‘it’d be harder not to find me with all Read more about SEO Best Practise: Produce Powerful Content[…]

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SEO or Social? You need to do them both

  I recently started posting on the social media platform Quora. One question that keeps coming up is ‘which is more important for your website, SEO or Social Media?’ The only answer I can give is you need do both… And, ideally at the same time… Along with a few other things.   SEO or Read more about SEO or Social? You need to do them both[…]

SEO: Optimize before you Advertise

I had a great conversation with a client last week. Client X has built a successful business from scratch. It started out as a hobby producing items for friends as presents. Word travelled and as demand grew people began to offer to cover the cost of production. Client X made the jump and left corporate Read more about SEO: Optimize before you Advertise[…]