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Web design is the first stage in optimization

In the six months since I began trading as 4th Level Digital Media I’ve learned more about Digital Marketing than my previous six years watching the space from both near and far.

One belief that has been confirmed is the importance of an optimized website. As soon as you say ‘optimized’ people will immediately think ‘SEO’ and ‘keywords’. But before you even take these step towards complete optimization there are a few other steps that are much more important, starting with web design.

Web design is for people. SEO is for robots.

You can have all the keywords and SEO you like but if your website takes an age for the pages to load or is clunky for people to navigate your efforts are all for naught.

Getting found in Google or any other search engine of a game of seconds. People take about two-three seconds to think of a keyword to search under. They’ll spend a second or two deciding which result link to click. Once they click a link, your page has three to load or 50% of the clickers are gone. I’d guess they’re all gone if the page is still loading after five or six seconds.

Once the page loads, does it make a good first impression. This may be the first time a potential customer is interacting with your brand or company… Were they impressed? If not, they’re gone.

The main reason for the popularity of Wikipedia is if you ask it ‘What is X?’, the title or first line of an article will be ‘X is a Y’. You found out what you wanted to know in the first line.

The same should apply to your website. Visitors want to see immediately what they expected to see… or they’re gone. If they do find what they were searching for your page should prompt them to look elsewhere within your site for more information. If your navigation is clunky and confusing… Yep, they’re gone.

‘Practise safe design; Use a concept.’

Digital Marketing is many things but it is not a quick fix, paste over solution for a bad web design. Moreover, any digital exploits will be made harder or an exercise in futility if all roads lead to a bad website.

To that end 4th Level Digital Media and We Are Open are teaming up to provide complete online/digital solutions for your business and brand. With Open you will get design focused on innovation, quality and attention to detail – “As our name suggests, we’re open to working on a wide variety of projects: corporate or artisan, digital, print, environmental or video.”

Before any discussion can happen about a digital marketing strategy its probably worth talking to the guys at Open to make sure your website is up to scratch.

Check out their website HERE